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 Tornado & Hurricane Rated Safe Rooms delivered in kit-set form for easy DIY installation 

 Exceeds FEMA 320 & ICC-500 Standards 

Majority of US homes will not protect you if struck by Tornado or Hurricane winds!    

May 22nd 2011, Joplin Missouri: Tornadoes killed 158 people and destroyed nearly 7000 homes  The SWI-Safe Room is an above ground sanctuary designed to protect you and your family from catastrophic Hurricanes and F5 tornado events with wind speeds of up to 250 mph Installed during a new build or within an existing home the DYI SWI-Safe Room is an easy cost effective means to protect your family.  SWI "Box within a Box " design provides permanent form-work that doubles as interior and exterior wall linings of the safe room.Installation of panels, reinforcing and door takes approximately 4-5 hours for two persons.  Once erected Both walls and ceilings are concrete filled in a single pour. Comes complete with a 2-1/4" solid door with 11 gauge steel center and 4 point locking mechanism. Ideal for Contractors & DIY'ers seeking a fast and simple build methodology that delivers high end safety without the high end cost. 

SWI-Safe Room Model No. Persons Exterior Dimensions Interior Dimensions Cost (excl taxes & delivery) SWI-SR 4x4  3* 61"W x 61"L x 90"H 48"W x 48"L x 82.5"H $4250.00 

SWI-SR 6X6 5*73"W x 73"L x 90"H60"W x 60"L x 82.5"H $4600.00 
Custom Sizes available on request  Click here for further information *

FEMA 320 and ICC-500 stipulates that at least 5 square feet of floor area per person will be big enough for a tornado  safe room (Wheel chair and bedridden occupants require more space). Although more people can fit inside the rooms  than what is suggested, we strongly recommend purchasing a Safe-Room model that meets your family occupancy  requirement.  

Combating 250mph Hurricane &Tornado winds and Earthquakes