KateLyn Building Systems


Are Katelyn Buildings / StormWall a structural system or not?  

Yes, every panel offers shear wall and or diaphragm bracing values...as well as live and dead loads.

What provides the ability to withstand up to 250 mph wind speed?    Is this rating before or after the wood framing?  

2x6 Timber studs at 24" on center in conjunction with the panel resist 200 mph winds under our standard design (no values attributed to exterior cladding or other sheathing products)...moving studs to 18" on center and specific design of mechanical fixings will increase loads to 250 mph.

What happens if a storm hits (during construction) before the wood framing are erected?

The panel itself with no stud-work will withstand 90mph winds...depending on design of the build,
this could achieve a much higher rating...generally stud works is installed same or following day to that of panel stand-up.

Can another system be used other than wood framing?    (I.e. Metal stud wall and metal truss roof framing?)

Yes we have used metal frame for both commercial and residential builds...we can achieve the same the wind loads

How is StormWall attached to the studs or roof framing?

Studs, trusses, floor joists and rafters are fixed to the panel from the outside in.Pre drilled studs and metal clips allow the timber/steel members to be screw fixed to the exterior side of the panel, leaving the interior face free from screw holes, reducing mudding and eliminating screw/nail pops

If StormWall is on the interior, how is it helpful in a storm?  

Every Wall panel delivers shear wall bracing and every floor/ceiling panel delivers diaphragm bracing.  The panels all interconnect and load path traveling from trusses down through panel into slab and or pier foundations.  If you experience flooding or leaks in a storm, you need only clean up the mess and wipe down the walls. No need to replace as you would with drywall....the StormWall panel will not lose its structural integrity if it gets wet.

 Are wall cavities and exterior finishes traditional and typical?

Yes, product integrates with all building materials and methodologies for installation....we
provide cavities where necessary for plumbing and electrical services.

Is StormWall applicable for Type I through Type V construction applications found in
the International Bldg. Code?

Yes, we are both IBC and IRC compliant.