StormWall is a solid timber panel engineered to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornado wind speeds in excess of 250 mph.  Every StormWall panel is attributed with either shear wall or diaphragm bracing values and produced with a carbon neutral process that reverses green house gas pollution (CO2) caused by standard building materials. This GREEN composite panel delivers 300% better R Value than ½-inch drywall and significantly reduces on-site construction times bringing savings to both contractor and the building owner.
America needs safer, greener, stronger homes and business structures. The average US single family home is built to withstand wind speeds of 90 mph which cannot survive the harsh realities of Hurricane and Tornado activity. Stormwall panel engineered homes can match the price point of a 90 mph home, but is capable of much more.  With minimal increase in panel properties and mechanical connections the same system delivers homes that will exceed 250-mph wind conditions.  Moreover, it does this at a fraction of the cost of traditional products that demand greater material and labor resources to achieve this higher wind rating.
Building with Stormwall Panels

StormWall panels combine framing and pre-finished interior wall surfaces that replace framing and drywall within the home, delivering an impact and mold resistant surface. Further the panels provide solid fixing for easy installation of all joinery, shelving, fixtures and furnishings. Call backs and maintenance items, such as nail pops and sheet joint cracks, commonly associated with drywall are all but eliminated.

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