Exclusive Agent for StormWall Industries in the USA

StormWall is a solid timber panel engineered to withstand earthquakes, hurricanes and tornado wind speeds in excess of 250 mph. 
This GREEN composite panel delivers 300% better R Value than ½-inch drywall.
Every StormWall panel is attributed with either shear wall or diaphragm bracing values and produced with a carbon neutral process that reverses green house gas pollution (CO2) caused by standard building materials.

Affordable, Safe, Green Building

  Katelyn Buildings has partnered in the United States with StormWall Industries to Design and Build truly  unique Building Solutions for Senior Housing - Restaurants- Vacation Homes- and Custom Commercial Solutions.

StormWall Industries, LLC manufactures structural timber panel systems for housing and commercial construction. They have over 20 years of experience in manufacturing and product development, delivering over 7000 + housing and commercial projects throughout New Zealand. With a restricted and uncertain supply of raw material StormWall located operations to the US where raw material is abundant and has invested the past 5 years in developing a 3rd generation panel system, engineered to withstand 250+mph hurricane wind speeds with numerous GREEN accreditation’s, including compliance with the coveted Cradle to Cradle (C2C) certification.

"America needs

Greener, Safer, Stronger homes"

 Manufactured from 100% recycled wood waste sourced from sustainable forestry.  Vertical product lines and ability to regurgitate panel and production waste back into StormWall panel upholds our zero waste policy.
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